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Super rich Joe list

Here is a list of things I will do if I ever become a billionaire:

1. Pay debts.

2. Give family members 1 million dollars each.

3. Pay for all the bug nets that are needed in the world/donate a lot of money to some secular or well-accepted charity.

4. Buy the Humanities Building at UCLA and insist they name it Buttsmell Building and if not, then just Creason Building.

5. If 4. falls through, open a park called Buttsmell Park (this is an in-joke with my family - it’s not that funny and none of them read this anyways).

6. Open a punx venue in a good part of a town that is near decent public transportation systems but far from businesses or residential centers that would be upset by having a punx crowd hanging out near them. That last part is what often shut down venues that I’ve gone to in the past - either just them down or made it a bitch to go to.

7. Bury 1 million dollars in gold in a secret place and make a treasure map for people to use if they want to get to it after I am dead. If you want the money it’ll require you to go through a National Treasure-like hunt to get it.

8. Bury another million just to be safe.

9. Hire an Alfred-like butler, financial assistant and chef.

10. Offer to expand and fund Saskia’s Guinea Pig Rescue as long as she runs it.

11. Offer to fund a Secular web program like the Infidel Guy Network as long as Reggie (the Infidel Guy) is in charge of it and doesn’t hire or give a platform to all the sketchy, sexist, racist, douchey atheists out there. He must also host The Debate Hour again.

12. Fund the writing ventures of all my nerdy comic book-writing friends who I never talk to now because I can’t schedule a normal/proper day that fits in a healthy social life.

13. Donate to Plan-It-X Records if they are able to get Los Gatos Negros interested in releasing their record/graphic novel (funded by me if necessary)

14. Donate money to LBCC, UCLA and CSUN archaeology, geology and anthropology departments.

15. Create a scholarship for veterans that is also related to a program that gets them to attend PTSD courses (if they want to/need to) and write memoirs about their combat experience if they are willing to do so.

16. Fund a 2-D animated miniseries for the Harry Potter books (a book a season) that emphasizes cutting edge but traditional 2D animation.

17. Create an organization that has the goal of digitizing every single book.

18. If 17 is too lofty, get a brand new library book scanner and do it myself.

19. Get each of my past relaylays something for dealing with me as a bf.

20. Put 1 million dollars in a Swiss bank account.

21. Do something randomly altruistic based on some arbitrary criteria.

22. Start an organization akin to 17. that sets out to create audiobook editions of every book with both professional narrators, actors and the authors as readers.

23. Get a cheetah and all the ethical and proper amenities it would require.

24. Go to school for photojournalism.

25. Visit Japan.

26. Own an island (WIP).

27. More to come.


Guinea Pigs are natural swimmers, but have to be introduced to the water slowly so they don’t panic


Guinea Pigs are natural swimmers, but have to be introduced to the water slowly so they don’t panic

Chicks can do shit.

I would like to say I am a feminist but I don’t consider myself a particularly well-informed one. I know I probably have views that can be seen as being sexist, but if I do, I doubt I am willing to hold on to them after being informed.

But like, for the past six months a particular feminist topic has been bugging the crap out of me:

women in combat

Chicks wanna fight in the armed forces too. I don’t understand why this is such an issue, especially in the US. Sure we’re not used to it and sure we gotta change shit but we weren’t used to driving cars instead of riding horses either, but we fucking made the change. We weren’t used to desegregated combat units either but we moved on, dammit!

I’m really annoyed by this! I have made like eight posts about it on Reddit and just auuuugh. I don’t think I would get anything from posting this rant in /r/rage so I’m posting it here.


"Oliver and HBO programming president Michael Lombardo have discussed extending the show from half an hour to a full hour and airing more than once a week after Oliver "gets his feet under him.""

I’m pretty stoked about this. I love the show but I often find myself watching it in short bursts like it were TDS…I didn’t like that I really only got 15 minutes of TDS because I didn’t watch the interviews and now I think that 29 minutes of LWT is pretty exhausting…


Short Excerpt from my book I hope to publish and add to the genre of Objectivist Literature

Who is John Galt?

"Chapter 13"

Is he Tim O’Kael? No.

Is he Jorg Prinstone? No.

Is he Sang Kim? No.

What about Sam Kim, I meant Sam Kim… No.

Oh. Yeah.

Is it Alfred Beaukamp? No.

Is he Robert Nunez? Did you say Robin Nunez?

No, I said Robert. Oh. Nope.

Oh, is it Robin Nunez? No.

Richard Nunez? No.

Damn. Um, Sam Planette? No.

Norther - Sabotage

Melodeath cover of a Beastie Boys song.

I made a gif!

I made a gif!

This is the top post on the subreddit r/shittytumblrgifs

This is the top post on the subreddit r/shittytumblrgifs

I’m down to 69 followers. Fair enough, I never post. Don’t feel too left out though, tumbles: I never post on Facebook either. I must say, Reddit is where I see stuff first, everything else doesn’t compare…

There is one thing Reddit does suck at. Any music discussion makes me cringe, tumbles has my punx heart. Oh and the LoL/PokeMon posts are pretty annoying. AND it’s a popularity contest and I feel like I’m always late to the party and don’t see any of the posts until at least 5 hours after they’ve been made.

One last complaint about tumbles: good god the gifs are awful, check out this subreddit.

Memes I don’t like:


Keep Calm and…

Good Guy Greg

So I got that going for me, which is nice

The last one is a bummer, cause I enjoyed Caddyshack.



frozach submitted

This is just way too funny to me. I woke up and got out of bed this morning earlier because of this post.

I still love this ever so much.



Sans the evil hockey team from Mighty Ducks Deux.



Sans the evil hockey team from Mighty Ducks Deux.